GCH sunwoods Day at the Beach


Winnie has been an exceptional mother to two litters, both producing Champion offspring.  She earned her Championship and Grand Championship easily and then became Terry's project.  They made quite a team, as was obvious by the way she stared into his eyes.  She loves her Daddy.  She is the "Alpha" of the house and she keeps the rest of The Pack in line.  


Ch Sunwoods Family Tradition at Pressingham Farm


Mabel-Mae is named for my Great Grandmother.  I never knew her, as she had passed before I was even born.  A few years back, after I had fallen deeply for the whole dog show sport, I learned that Great Grandma Mabel had also raised, bred and showed dogs.  Genetics are funny like that.  I now have show ribbons that she had won and corresponding ribbons that we have won...same shows...almost fifty years apart.  

Mabel-Mae is our little peanut but the "enforcer" of The Pack.  We call her the "Fun Police" for her attempts to intervene when playtime gets too boisterous.  She has already produced one beautiful litter  (The Gemstones) and we look forward to more beautiful pups from this girl.


GCH Pressingham Farm's Day of de Chantal


Sweet Baby Jane is from a repeat breeding of Winnie and Brian.  She has the same boisterous, fun loving personality as her brother, Mikey.  She earned her Championship and Grand Championship, becoming our first "homegrown" Grand Champion.  We are so proud of her accomplishments and we look forward her career as a show dog and perhaps even a Mom.


Pressingham Farm's I'm All That

The Midge

The Midge is owned by a dear friend, Joann Laughlin and co-owned by Terry and myself.  She is from The Gemstones litter (Mabel-Mae x Brian) and was formerly known as Ruby.  She is a true spitfire, eager to please and definitely does things at her own way.  We are fortunate to have Tracy LaLiberte providing her expert handling skills with Midge.  She is going to be loads of fun in the show ring.