We very rarely have litters of puppies and when we do it is for the purpose of keeping one or more of them for ourselves.  We do not keep a waiting list.  Our puppies are raised utilizing the Puppy Culture protocols, a twelve week program that begins with early neurological stimulation at only days old, startle and recovery, posititive reinforcement and beaucoup opportunities for socialization.  The outcomes speak for themselves. These puppies are fearless, problem solving, well adjusted puppies when they move on to their new families.  You can find out more about Puppy Culture at www.puppyculture.com.

Winnie X Brian Litter ~ Summer 2016

The Garden Babies

This litter was our first here at Pressingham Farm,  five beautiful little pups, two girls and three boys. We nicknamed them with a garden theme, Lily, Petunia, Basil, Mater and Sprout.  We kept Sprout here and he was given his permanent name of Mikey.  Winnie was an exceptional mother and that made it easy on us newbies to puppy raising.  We enjoyed every minute of the journey and we are thrilled that all of the puppies wound up in wonderful, loving homes.


winnie X Brian Litter ~ Winter 2017

The Bruins Babies

After our success with our first litter, we did a repeat breeding of Winnie and Brian.  We were blessed with two beautiful puppies, a girl and a boy. We nicknamed them Slapshot and Lord Stanley.  Slapshot stayed here at Pressingham Farm and became Sweet Baby Jane and Lord Stanley went to live with my sister's family in New Hampshire.  Those kids LOVE their Lord Stanley.


Mabel-Mae X Brian Litter ~ Summer 2017

The Gemstones

The Gemstones were from a Mabel-Mae and Brian breeding.  They produced three puppies, two girls and a boy.  They were given the nicknames, Ruby, Pearl and The Turq.  Ruby went on to become "The Midge" and is owned by a dear friend who owns her own dog training facility.  The Midge is just hitting the show ring and we can't wait to watch her career bloom.  Mabel-Mae was an excellent first-time Mom and I think a repeat breeding may be in our future.